“In today’s outsourcing and inter-connected global economy, businesses large or small have to find a way of maintaining profitable growth in uncertain and volatile times. In an atmosphere charged with unpredictable cost volatility, all organizations must give up overarching strategies and adopt granular, focused and margin accretive approach just to survive”, CEO and Founder Virtualskillset Inc. 
Virtualskillset Inc. is a full service, virtual outsourcing service provider located in Dracut Massachusetts, USA.
Our mission is to provide a competitive advantage to small businesses and non-governmental organizations in USA and Europe by offering an alternative to traditional outsourcing mostly available to large multi-national public companies that can afford significant capital outlay.
We provide high quality but affordable cloud-based skilled services for a fraction of cost while at the same time assisting startups and small businesses to break even.

Our Outsourcing Team

We have assembled a highly skilled team of employees-for-hire at our office. We are also continually adding more professionals as our client-base continues to grow. We have a fully integrated business process outsourcing (BPO) center maintained to International standards. The center is equipped with advanced communication technology to enable real-time communication between clients and our employees. Our employees have degrees from accredited universities and many years of experience in their respective specializations.
We have a firm belief that with today’s cloud based technology; professionals do not need to uproot themselves from their countries in search of jobs.
Businesses should also have access to affordable employees for use during peak business times to improve productivity and profitability. With our virtual employees, you are assured of high quality service delivery at all times. We are always ready to listen to your needs and provide customized services based on your needs and budget. Talk to us today.

Virtualskillset Inc. Outsourcing Background

Our founder, has worked with large International organizations both locally and overseas. In the US he has worked with major public organizations including IBM and Intertek, companies that over the years have managed to outsource most of their non-core functions, mostly back office departments in order to remain competitive at the bottom line.
The turning point was when he started a small business to supplement his income and in the hope of being his “own boss” one time. “All the experience running extensive profit and loss statements for public companies had not prepared him for the intricacies of running a small business in the US”. He very quickly realized that over-regulation especially in the labor market was forcing many businesses to explore the out-sourcing option. The only downside for small businesses is that many do not have the capability to house their own business process centers abroad. That’s how the idea of Virtualskillset Inc. was born.