Global Content Creation

Global Content Creation

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Global content creation has become a particularly important concept in global branding and publishing. Although the concept of brand globalization is not new, it is of utmost importance to brands that are looking for a worldwide impact and credibility. When companies decide to go global in their content and reach, they must do this in […]

Outsourcing Strategies

Great Outsourcing Strategies for Business Success in Kenya-Virtualskillset Inc.

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Great outsourcing strategies are propelling Africa to the global limelight in the outsourcing industry. As a growing economy in Africa and the largest in East African region, Kenya is employing immense outsourcing and offshoring strategies for business success both in the region and globally. These outsourcing efforts are bearing fruits and channeling global outsourcing opportunities […]


Reasons Why Most Fortune 500 Companies Outsource Non-Core Functions

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To outsource, businesses must adopt proactive strategies. Companies have always outsourced non-core functions for a very long time. The use of recruitment and marketing agencies for example, is a form of outsourcing that has been around for long. However, with increased access to modern technologies the cheap labor net has been cast even wider, with […]