Our FAQs page is guided by what our new and existing clients ask. By outsourcing you stand a chance of putting your business ahead of your competitors while concentrating more on your core functional areas. Taking proactive steps towards understanding the benefits outsourcing provides to business all over the world, is a decision that has made businesses excel amidst stiff competition through tapping from the global marketplace. Some of the questions frequently asked by our new clients are listed below: (You can ask yours by contacting us and can be posted as FAQs)

What is Virtualskillset?

We are an outsourcing company with an office in Boston (United States) and a state-of-the-art one in Nairobi Kenya. We offer virtual employees to small and medium businesses from all over the world working from our offices in Africa. We are also fighting hunger in Africa with a percentage of our income going to the less fortunate and hungry members of the society in the continent.
Yes, we are like no other. Unlike other outsourcing companies, we offer virtual employees as opposed to virtual or online services. Once you need a service from us, you get a chance to interview our employees through video or phone. When you are comfortable with your choice, our employee(s) will work for you. You can even have your selected employees working only for you for consistency of service delivery. Additionally, you can “supervise” your choice of employees through video if you wish. (However, our employees work in the company’s offices and therefore properly supervised by our management).
By using our highly trained, certified and experienced virtual employees, businesses have been able to cut their costs by 40 to 60 percent depending on the services they contract with us. They have been able to “own” our affordable employees by directly giving business instructions through our video, voice, teleconferencing and text channels. You also get the exact cost of our services before-hand for your records and budgeting. This is a perfect opportunity to improve your ROI quite remarkably.
Absolutely; we understand the importance of keeping our clients’ information, data and communications secure, private, confidential and strictly only used for proper service delivery. Among the stringent measures we have taken to ensure proper security for your business data include the following:
  1. We have hired employees working in our offices; there are no remote employees. This means our management is capable of monitoring the business processes, data and information.
  2. We start by signing a non-disclosure agreement with you and strictly adhere to it. Our employees also sign the agreement before any service delivery can commence.
  3. We use Virtual Private Networks and firewalls to ensure that your information remains secure and private. We also use the latest anti-virus protection and updated systems to guard our servers and workstations.
  4. Our management does not allow external access or use of our computers and all other devices. Office ICT devices are strictly used in the office performing official duties. No removable devices such as flash disks and CDs are allowed on the workstations. All our devices are password-protected including email addresses to circumvent unauthorized access.
  5. We use an offsite and secure backup meaning that no information can be lost in case of any eventuality.
  6. We use 24 hours armed security with CCTV monitoring to avoid any unauthorized entry. Our employees have gate passes to prevent anyone else from accessing our offices.
We use an in-built and very secure payment system on our website. However, if you feel you want to pay through any other payment method, you can contact our support team to have that sorted out.
Our founder is a strong believer in philanthropy and holds that every child deserves basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes, education and security. He sits on management boards of a number of humanitarian organizations fighting hunger in Africa.
Our doors are open and you can start using our virtual employees once you are through with the office paperwork. You can therefore have your services start being delivered as soon as you are ready. If you are looking for high quality, highly trained, certified qualified and professional virtual staff for your business, Virtualskillset is the address to your business success street.