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Great Outsourcing Strategies for Business Success in Kenya-Virtualskillset Inc.

Outsourcing Strategies

Great outsourcing strategies are propelling Africa to the global limelight in the outsourcing industry. As a growing economy in Africa and the largest in East African region, Kenya is employing immense outsourcing and offshoring strategies for business success both in the region and globally. These outsourcing efforts are bearing fruits and channeling global outsourcing opportunities to the ever-increasing African knowledge and professional service pool.

Outsourcing and offshoring services first gained root in the region with the emergence of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms, voice transcription service providers, and data processing service businesses. These services were and are still being provided to both regional and international clients. As access to new technologies, robust connectivity, infrastructure and expertise continues to develop, increase and gain root in Kenya, more outsourcing services are being offered. These includes payroll outsourcing services where a number of human resource outsourcing service providers and data processing firms are taking root. These new entrants are offering payroll processing and other outsourcing services to local, regional and global clients using outsourcing as a growth strategy.

Virtualskillset Inc. Global Outsourcing Strategies in Business

The new outsourcing companies in Kenya are joining a huge global market that requires great outsourcing strategies. Luckily, they can learn a lot from large and already well established outsourcing and offshoring companies operating in Kenya such as Virtualskillset Inc. This outsourcing giant is based in Boston USA, with operations in Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world. Among the best outsourcing strategies used by Virtualskillset Inc. is provision of virtual employees as opposed to virtual or online services. Outsourcing clients hire and virtually “own” employees through a water-tight professional business partnership with this outsourcing and organizational performance enhancer.

When looking for the best outsourcing companies in Kenya to award outsourcing projects, most Fortune 500 companies choose Virtualskillset Inc. for its wide offering. Through its various specialized departments, the company offers the best outsourcing and offshoring solutions in the continent and around the world. Apart from payroll services, the company provides financial outsourcing services, content creation and marketing services, software development and many other services. For a comprehensive list of services, be sure to visit the company’s official site.

Great Outsourcing Strategies for New Outsourcing Companies in Kenya

New entrants into this sector can be taught a lot from already well positioned and established outsourcing authorities like Virtualskillset Inc. Among the areas that the company has excelled and new entrants should emulate include the following;

Requirement to Be both Global and Regional Oriented

Outsourcing companies in Nairobi, Kampala, Dar es Salaam, the rest of Africa or in other continents should be both global and regional in approach. They should strategize to serve clients from the regions that they are based offering local knowledge as a professional advantage. They should then proceed to offer great services to clients from the same time zones using this as another powerful outsourcing strategy. Additionally, they should serve clients from the global marketplace by offering irresistible outsourcing packages that cater for outsourcing and organizational performances and profitability of the participating businesses.

Come Up with Great New and Fresh Outsourcing Strategies and Ideas

Outsourcing is not all about traditional research, analysis, publishing, data management, transcription, and other clichés that have served nothing but to make the sector stale and dull. Despite their importance in outsourcing, other exciting recipes should be introduced such as the ability of clients to “supervise” their hired virtual employees through video, voice, text and other ICT-enhanced methods. The clients should also be allowed to “own” their “employees” without the hassles that come with in-house employees.

Specialization as Outsourcing Strategy

Best global outsourcing companies such as Virtualskillset Inc. use specialization as a powerful outsourcing strategy for success. The company has many different and specialized departments full of competent manpower to tackle specialized outsourcing projects. New outsourcing companies in Africa that would like to succeed in this sector should specialize in a few outsourcing areas or if they can afford, deploy dedicated highly specialized outsourcing departments such as Virtualskillset Inc.

Use Powerful Marketing Tools as Outsourcing Strategies

The use of powerful marketing tools such as social media and other methods are highly recommended for new entrants in the outsourcing scene. However, established names use referrals and snow-ball effects to cement their business authority. Until new entrants reach this stage, they need to constantly and proactively engage in powerful marketing strategies.

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