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Global Content Creation

Global content creation has become a particularly important concept in global branding and publishing. Although the concept of brand globalization is not new, it is of utmost importance to brands that are looking for a worldwide impact and credibility. When companies decide to go global in their content and reach, they must do this in a manner that reaches all consumers, not just those who use their home country language. In order to excel, brands must come up with multi-channel design for consumer experience worldwide so that everyone interacts with the brand in a seamless manner.

The content market is huge. To assume this global status, companies need tailor-made, factual content. That is why Virtualskillset has come up with Virtualskillset Studio to offer brands and publishing firms with global content creation services.

Virtualskillset Studio Global Content Creation Experts

Virtualskillset Studio brings together more than 2,000 professionally vetted global content creators to offer the best content to brand managers, publishing houses, international media and other corporate bodies for their worldwide reach. This global outsourcing giant has assembled a team of expert global writers out of realization that online global content must resonate with and be locally relevant to the consumers. Crafting global content with local impact is an important aspect that companies, brands and publishers habitually ignore.

“Global content publishing that is appealing and factual is among challenges that marketers, publishers and brands face all the time. These challenges often become worse when you expand across geographical regions, markets, languages and cultures”, says Virtualskillset Studio Manager.

This leading provider of virtual employees worldwide brings together under the studio, professionals in content and news writing and coverage, editors, producers, directors, designers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, animators, makeup artists, among many other ready-to-work experts.

The Virtualskillset Studio creates what is called global-ready content that is culturally neutral in nature and therefore easily passes and translates across national, regional, continental and cultural boundaries. The team conducts frequent studies that have provided the best information and tools on how to craft content based on individual audience and market segments. In this way, the company creates international content that appeals to all consumers worldwide.

Global Content Creation For Local Appeal Approach

The Virtualskillset Studio uses global-local content creation approach depending on client preferences. This is what has commonly been referred to as Glocal Approach. Out of the understanding that crafting culturally neutral messages and content may not work in all circumstances, the company crafts content based on regional or local markets. This is done through content categorization based on localities. In this way, if a consumer is in a particular audience or market region, nationality or geographical area, content will be crafted specifically and targeted to that place. For instance, content can be categorized based on continents, nationalities or any other defining criteria.

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“At Virtualskillset Studio, we hold that global content production needs improvement to fit the ever-changing global circumstances. The production processes should adjust to the change in speed and intensification in content needs. We utilize the power of international economy and our tailored unique content creation approach to work with global and local clients through our best virtual and on-demand employees for the benefit of global-faced brands, companies and international media and publishing houses”, concludes Virtualskillset Studio Manager.

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