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Creating a Winning Content Creation Strategy

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Content creation strategy is important in the process of coming up with a winning editorial plan for digital content marketing. If you are creating your company’s content marketing strategy, you must be aware of the much work that goes into it. In today’s different office duties, it is extremely likely that your attention can be stretched in so many directions. This can lead to a situation where you may find it hard to come up with clear definitions of your content marketing requirements.

Many companies let their employees or freelancers write articles, blog posts and social media content as they wish. This may not be necessarily a very bad idea. However, this does not adhere to clear and defined content creation focus. The content created should have a clear focus strategy that balances the need to inform and entertain on one hand, and sticking to the wider company content strategy on the other. A competent content creation consultant should be able to ask the necessary questions from the client to come up with the right content creation strategy.

This article will help you with important information needed for creating a winning content creation strategy for your business.

Business Consideration for Content Creation Strategy

Identify clear company and business considerations for a good content creation plan. These considerations may include the following;

  • Business area focus. This may be considered obvious. However, many companies drift from their core business expertise to concentrate on very different and sometimes meaningless content. For example, some companies selling hardware products have posted articles on their favorite travel destinations. Companies selling fashion products have posted their best articles and blogs on their culinary art prowess! The focus should be on what your company does.
  • Branding considerations. If your company has built (or seeking to build) its reputation through providing information, inspiration, guidance or advice about a product or service, the content should reflect this. What you post should directly promote your business brand.
  • Audience considerations. While planning a content creation strategy, your audience (readers, customers, clients, associates etc) should form the better part of your strategy. Get to know what they want and how they want it delivered. The audience should be treated to what they want to know about the products you offer. If you are selling sports gear, your audiences are likely to be interested in sports, fitness and outdoors. Provide content that takes into consideration the goals and interests of your audience.
  • Resources at your disposal. Of course every business activity and strategy requires a budget. You may consider an in-house content creation team. However, this may be time-consuming and more expensive than a dedicated outsourced content creation team of expert writers. In addition to saving on your overheads, the team is specifically trained in this, so quality is guaranteed. You can then focus on your core business activities while the outsourced writers do the ground work. Always consider the resources at your disposal and the alternative methods of saving on your business overheads.

Clarifying the Content Purposes

Every piece of content posted should serve a specific purpose. Depending on your business brand focus and the audience goals and interests, the piece of content should capture the right content mix and purpose. Irrespective of the fact that one piece of content can serve to entertain and educate, you should be sure to identify what is supposed to go deeper than the other. You should be able to determine specific content purposes that may include the following;

  • To educate, inform or teach
  • To inspire, encourage or motivate
  • To entertain, amuse
  • To persuade, convince, influence or sway
  • To trigger conversation, start debate, provide an argument
  • To spark a storm, hullabaloo, controversy
  • To express an opinion over an issues of importance
  • To attract more audience
  • To trigger or encourage feedback among other purposes.

Identifying the Best Content Presentation Method

Depending on the foregoing considerations, a good content creation strategy identifies the best content presentation method. This should be informed


the available resources, time, target audience and the purposes of the content (message). Among the various methods to choose include articles and blogs, videos, pod casts, drawings, animations, infographics, tutorials, spreadsheets and tables, slide presentations, press releases, and social media posts among others.

Identify the Best Content Creation Frequencies  

A good content creation strategy should provide a content creation schedule that captures all the content needs of your business. The frequency should reflect and respect the audience needs, the content intended purposes and the method of presentation. This means that some content can be created more frequently than others. For example, articles and blogs can be done daily while video content may be produced weekly. This again depends on the particular reasons for your digital marketing campaign and the resources at your disposal.

Consistently Evaluate your Content Creation Strategy

Frequent evaluation of your content creation strategy is important. Getting feedback from your customers and clients will make you make necessary adjustments. This will lead to a perfect winning content creation strategy and results to enjoy. Drop us a Tweet.

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