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Online Marketing Strategies 2019

Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies and Checklist for 2019

Online marketing or digital marketing is constantly changing. It is always evolving and becoming more complex over time. As a digital marketer, you need to stay abreast with the changing digital scene so that you can still reach your audience in different ways. With increased access to digital tools, the online market has become an essential part of marketing in recent times. In order to reach the audience, online marketing campaigns have become an essential part of everything marketing.

The number of marketing technology tools has increased exponentially. Currently, there are more than seven thousand marketing technologies. Most of these technologies are changing their approaches every now and again. The big number and changing nature of these technologies make it difficult for marketers to keep up. However, there is nothing else but to catch up and readjust with the tech situation. To help you do this, here are the online marketing strategies and checklist for 2019.

Produce Relevant Content

Creating great and relevant content is the key. Produce and curate high quality content and post it to your blog or website. This will allow you to bring your ultimate clients and customers together.  This is because great content drives traffic to your site. It also creates value so that your audience learns and benefits from your content. Producing high quality digital content will also give you an edge on your other marketing campaigns. For example, great content will muscle up your email and social media marketing campaigns. This strategy has been the cornerstone of organic traffic generation for 2018. It should also be cornerstone for your digital marketing strategy for 2019.

SEO is important in your content creation strategy for 2019. Use Google Keyword Planner tool and other keyword tools. These will help you to decide the best keywords to use in your content and Google ads.

Targeted Emails

Email marketing continues to be a very essential part of digital marketing. Use catchy subject lines, call-to-actions and valuable content in your email campaigns for 2019. Use a suitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to complement your email efforts. A CRM (such as SalesforceEssentials) is important because it will help you stay connected to your customers, streamline your marketing processes and improve your business relationships and profitability.

For your email marketing campaigns, plans and management, MailChimp is one of the most popular tool for this.

Social Media Strategy

Creating an online community of valuable audience is important to your business. This is because your business will be provided with a ready content consumer market. The community will also provide a good source of feedback to your marketing efforts, products, services and any other important aspect of your business. However, you must have a good social media marketing team and strategy.

Your social media team should come up with a content plan that works for 2019. The team should also keep a well-thought-out social media calendar. Make sure to post every single piece of content that you create. Additionally, create content for specific and different social media channels. Take note of the changing channel algorithms and re-adjust accordingly. To help you on this, Hootsuit is an important tool. This will help you manage all your social media efforts in one place.

To help you in your social media marketing campaigns, analytics and all manner of important metrics, Buffer is also an important tool.

In conclusion

You should be sure to keep up with the changing digital scene. This will help you create winning online marketing strategies for 2019 and beyond. Keep monitoring your efforts and make adjustments in a timely manner. As technology trends evolve, your business should also evolve to balance the digital marketing equation.

Daniel Muraga
Editor Virtualskillset Inc.

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